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The smallest and most compact hardware keylogger on the market, undetectable by any antivirus software on the market.

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Keylogger HRD

Hardware Keylogger, No software required!


KeyloggerHRD is a great choice for keylogging and monitoring computer activity if you are not interested in a software monitoring solution. Here are a few of the key benefits of KeyloggerHRD:

No software!
KeyloggerHRD does not require any special software to be installed or learned.

Plug and play - installs in seconds!
KeyloggerHRD is a true plug and play device. Simply connect KeyloggerHRD to your keyboard and PC and that's it.

Small and compact - nothing beats the size!
KeyloggerHRD is the smallest hardware keylogging device you will find (see pictures above for size comparisons).

Undetectable by Anti Virus and other third party detection programs.
You can rest easy know that Anti Virus and other third party detection programs will NOT be able to detect Keylogger HRD - guaranteed!

Does not slow down or use any CPU resources.
KeyloggerHRD does not utilize any CPU resources. Thus, you will never experience any sort of slow down or PC performance loss.

Fully compatible with ALL PC operating systems.
KeyloggerHRD is fully compliant with all IBM/PC Operating Systems. Supported operating systems include: Windows, Dos, Linux, and Freebsd.


keylogger hrd closeup

IBM/PC Compatible Computer

Connection Type

Super fast memory retrieve (125kB/s)

Features strong 128-bit encryption

Device Size
4.6cm Long by 1.5cm Wide

Memory Capacity
64kb (Roughly 64,000 individual typed keys)

Plug And Play

Operating Systems
Microsoft Windows (All versions), Linux, Mac

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