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The smallest and most compact hardware keylogger on the market, undetectable by any antivirus software on the market.

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Keylogger HRD

Hardware Keylogger, No software required!


KeyloggerHRD is the latest in cutting edge computer monitoring technology from ExploreAnywhere Software. KeyloggerHRD is the smallest and most compact hardware keylogger on the market (roughly 1.6in long). The KeyloggerHRD device plugs in directly between your computer PS/2 keyboard and your PC.

Once installed, it will secretly record all keystrokes that are typed on the PC. KeyloggerHRD will store up to 64kb worth of keystrokes, which equates to roughly 64,000 individual keys typed! Best of all, there is absolutely no software required to use KeyloggerHRD. It is a true plug-and-play device. Simply connect it and forget it - that's it!


  • 64KB Memory, recording 64,000 keystrokes
  • USB Connection
  • Length - 4.6 cm
  • Width - 1.5 cm
  • Tamper-proof seal

Concealment Features

  • Completely hidden from the user
  • Password protected
  • Log file back dating to prevent file snoopers
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