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KeyloggerPro is an advanced, highly concealable keystroke recording application with many features and options!

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Keylogger Pro 2013 Keystroke Recorder

Brand New Version for 2013

Logging Features

Keylogger Pro 2013

Keylogger PRO 2013 is a simple, easy to use advanced keylogger that secretly captures and records every keystroke typed, including passwords, e-mails and chats. Keylogger Pro 2013 supports any and all keyboard layouts beyond just English (such as Arabic, German and Chinese) and is fully compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7 (32 and 64 bit flavors).

Keylogger PRO integrates seamlessly with your ExploreAnywhere Account, allowing you to remotely view keystrokes and high resolution screen shots from anywhere in the world from within your web browser or mobile device. The computer your are monitoring does not need to be online for you to review the recorded activity reports.



Keystroke Logging (view screenshot)

Secretly monitor and record every keystroke typed with Keylogger Pro's advanced keystroke logger engine. All keystrokes typed are recorded, including passwords, documents, chats, emails and social network activity. Keylogger Pro will also capture any hidden system keys that have been pressed.

Our sophisticated keylogger technology is built to support any keyboard layout including English, Chinese, German, Arabic and all others. Furthermore, our keylogger was developed from the ground up to take full advantage of the capabilities of 64 bit processors while maintaining full compatibility with 32 bit processors.

With Keylogger Pro on your side, you can be 100% confident that every keystroke and password typed on your computer will be discreetly recorded for you.

High Resolution Screen Shots (view screenshot)

Not only will Keylogger PRO record every keystroke typed, but it will also frequently capture high resolution screen shots of the users screen allowing you to remotely see exactly what the user of the computer is seeing. Every screen shot captured can be conveniently viewed from within the integrated On-Demand style screen shot viewing system inside your web browser.

Device Location Tracking (view screenshot)

With Keylogger Pro, it is very simple to track the location of the computer you are monitoring. With the click of the mouse, view on a map the exact location of each computer you are monitoring along with geographic specific information including: City, State, Country, Zip Code, Area Code, ISP Information, Latitude/Longitude and more.

Keylogger Pro keeps a history of every location the device moves to, giving you the unprecedented ability to follow where your computer is and has been in real time.

User Activity (view screenshot)

Keylogger Pro provides you with a snapshot of how time is being spent by each user on the computer being monitored. Remotely view how often the computer is turned on/off, how long each user is signed in, how long each user is active or idle and much more.

Completely Invisible Keylogger

Unlike other keylogger software producuts, Keylogger Pro out of the box is a highly discreet keystroke logger. You do not need to sift through confusing options or read through extensive help files trying to fine tune the "best stealth settings" possible. Without any configuration necessary on your part, Keylogger Pro will run completely undetected to users of your computer.

Keylogger Pro will never reveal itself in Windows Explorer, the Task Manager, your Start Menu, your Add/Remove Programs List or on your Desktop.

Optimized For Performance And Security

Developed For 64-Bit Windows (And 32 Bit)

Keylogger Pro 2013 was developed to take full advantage of the powerful capabilities of the latest 64 bit version of Microsoft Windows and is 100% backwards compatible with all 32 bit version of Windows.

Windows Compatibility

Keylogger Pro is built for Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

Windows 7 keylogger Vista keylogger Windows XP keylogger

Monitor From Anywhere, Anytime!

Unlike competing keyloggers that require you to have physical access to the computer after installing the keystroke logger software, Keylogger PRO allows you to view all activity reports and configure your licenses for all the computers you are monitoring from one central location inside your ExploreAnywhere Account.

Once you have installed and activated Keylogger PRO on your PC, all further interaction with the keylogger will transpire from within your web browser. You can access your ExploreAnywhere Account from any internet enabled device with a web browser! That includes PC, Mac, Linux, iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod) and Android devices.


Keylogger PRO 2013 Screen Shots


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