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SpyBuddy® 2013

Recommended by the experts at Consumer Guide, SpyBuddy 2013 is the most sophisticated remote computer monitoring product available. Monitor your PC from anywhere!

SpyBuddy® 2013

Brand New Version for 2013

SpyBuddy 2013 Overview

If you need to know, SpyBuddy will tell you.

Over the past ten years, experts from many fields have agreed that ExploreAnywhere has been setting the bar with its wide range of sophisticated and dependable computer monitoring technologies; SpyBuddy is no exception. SpyBuddy will secretly record all internet and computer related activities and present this information to you through detailed and precise reports that will reveal exactly what has been happening on your computer.

Powerful And Easy To Use.

Designed with the principles of power, security, and simplicity in mind, SpyBuddy's operations and administrative tasks are carried out within a highly intuitive, logical and attractive user interface accessible through any web enabled device with a web browser through your ExploreAnywhere Account.

No matter your level of computer literacy, you will find that SpyBuddy is refreshingly straightforward to use, and accessible anytime, from anywhere.


Rest easy knowing that SpyBuddy will not only remain completely anonymous to the users on your computer but SpyBuddy will also operate invisibly to any third party programs.

Make sense of it all.

Unless data makes sense, it is useless. SpyBuddy presents recorded activity reports to you through a highly organized, detailed and flexible report structure that makes it easy for you to analyze and understand what exactly is happening on your computer.

No hassle install.

Installing and configuring a new piece of software can be a daunting, time consuming task. Out of the box, SpyBuddy is ready and at your service. Unlike our competitors, SpyBuddy is pre-installed with every monitoring feature enabled, configured, and optimized for your computer ready to begin monitoring right away.

Rest easy with dependable Customer Support.

All ExploreAnywhere products are backed by highly knowledgeable support experts that will assist you through the toughest of situations. Unlike our competitors, our support is provided in-house and is available around the clock through e-mail. Did we mention it is absolutely FREE?

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